How to have sex with a friend

How to have sex with a friend?

You might be interested in learning about how to have sex with a lover. After all, you are single and you are afraid that having sex will hurt your chances of getting into a relationship with your partner. Or maybe you are afraid that your lover may not love you as much as you love him or her. Whatever the case is, learning how to have sex with a lover is something that you should consider doing. It may surprise you to know that there are many ways by which you can make this happen.

One of the most important ways on how to have sex with a lover is to talk. If you are having problems in this area already, it is time that you eased your fears. Many people make the mistake of thinking that talking about sex means opening up to your partner about everything that happens between you two. This will never work out. In fact, it can even hurt your relationship because your lover may feel that he or she is being talked out of his or her own comfort zone.

The best way to begin talking about sex is to bring up something that you think your lover would like to experience. Once your lover suggests that he wants to try to have sex with you, tell him or her that yes, you too would like to try it. Try to be open and discuss the issue in a friendly way.

Next, once you have had a chance to open up, ask your lover if he or she has any questions. It is always best to be honest when it comes to matters of love and sex. Your lover should be willing to answer your queries. There is no use in forcing someone into doing something that they really do not want to do if they are not going to do it because they do not feel comfortable.

If your lover seems to be uncomfortable at first, try to be patient and calm. You cannot rush the issue. Give your lover plenty of time to make his or her own decisions. You do not have to force anyone into anything. One of the best ways on how to have sex with a man who is shy is to talk to him or her in a loving manner. Be sure to compliment your lover when he makes a good choice.

One of the most important factors of how to have sex with a man who is shy is to use humor when discussing the topic. Some men tend to be uncomfortable talking about sex. If your lover is one of these men, then be sure to lighten the mood by telling him jokes or stories. Be sure to keep the conversation light and relaxed. This will help open up a positive conversation about topics of sex. If you can slip in some humorous comments during the conversation, this will surely do wonders.

Another thing that you should consider on how to have sex with a man who is shy is to take things slow. Most men tend to become uncomfortable when a woman puts too much pressure on them during sex. They would most likely become tense and feel the need to retreat. To avoid this, it would be best if you engage in foreplay. Be sure to go slow, especially when you are with a guy who is a bit shy.

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